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Coach Ken Purcell on San Antonio incident

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Ken Purcell

Ken Purcell

Chris Doelle sits down with Coach Ken Purcell as the recent horrific incident was the perfect backdrop for a discussion about character and discipline.


  • Coach Ken Purcell continues to share his passion for Texas high school football and the vital role played by coaches in making this such a unique and great sport.
    • Ken's proposal for dealing with the issue as it relates to the kids
    • Chris' more drastic knee-jerk reaction
    • Ken tells a story of how he was reminded that we shouldn't let one tragic incident make us overlook all the great kids and all their great accomplishments on and off the field
    • Teaching values and character is a big part of Texas high school football
  • You only get once chance to make a first impression - here are the keys when you meet someone and shake their hand:
    • Firm handshake
    • Your eyes
    • Your name
    • A smile
  • You do not have a right to play athletics, that is a privilege.

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