Stat Leaders Page Has Been Updated

The passing, rushing and receiving leaders in the state are all up to date.

Complete List of 2015 Statistical Leaders

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It list the Top 66 passers, the Top 53 rushers and the Top 54 receivers in the state.

TOP Passers
Rank Yards Name School
1 4,348 Triston Williams Andrews
2 4,191 Glenn Thornton Groveton
3 4,010 Nick Gerber Levelland

TOP Rushers
Rank Yards Name School
1 3,167 Kennedy Brooks Mansfield
2 3,055 Trevor Speights McAllen Memorial
3 2,716 J.K. Dobbins La Grange

TOP Receivers
Rank Yards Name School
1 1,709 Richie Rodriguez El Paso Eastwood
2 1,558 Lawson Ayo Sunnyvale
3 1,516 Tren'davian Dickson Navasota