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2016 LSG Class 4A DII Pre-Season Rankings

2016 LSG Class 4A DII Pre-Season BIG 15

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DII in Class 4A is not as top-heavy as DI.  That isn't to say that this division isn't going to be an absolute blast.  It is actually quite the opposite.  There are more teams in DII that have a legitimate shot at a state title just because there are not so many top tier teams.  Competition for that ring will be wide open.  West Orange-Stark is the heir apparent to the crown and rightfully so.  Jack Dallas is an absolute talent and a blast to watch on the field or afterward in a press conference.  La Grange looks to have the top RB in the state with J.K. Dobbins and if he stays healthy, expect great things from them.  Whether you are talking Celina, Navarro, Atlanta, Gilmer, Gladewater, Cuero... heck any of the Top 15 have a legitimate chance to hoist that trophy this year.  Buckle in tight!

LSG Rank   Team  Notes
1 West Orange-Stark 8+ win season 13 of last 14 years
2 Celina 29 consecutive winning seasons
3 Geronimo Navarro 11 consecutive winning seasons
4 Bellville 5 year winning streak (50-14)
5 Gilmer 16 year winning streak
6 La Grange 4 year winning streak (41-9)
7 Cuero 3 year winning streak 27-13
8 Sweetwater 25-2 over last 2 seasons
9 Giddings 19-6 over last 2 seasons
10 Gladewater 16-8 over last 2 seasons
11 Atlanta 3 year winning streak 28-12
12 Wharton 4 year winning streak (32-15)
13 Sinton 8 consecutive 9+ win seasons
14 Pittsburg 14-9 over last 2 seasons
15 Graham  17-9 over last 2 seasons

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