2016 LSG Class 2A DI Pre-Season Rankings

Texas high school football preseason ranking

2016 LSG Class 2A DI Pre-Season BIG 15

Refugio and Shiner share the same district and are ranked #1 and #2 - not only does that mean trouble for the rest of their district and the Region, but it means that only one of them will be in the title game.  The big surprise isn't that some of the old standby teams are back in the hunt (Alto, Mason, Mart etc.) but some of the newbies.  Hawley and Post are far from regulars among the elite.  There will be one or two suprises but expect most of your top teams in the Class 2A DI to come from this list.

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LSG Rank Team Notes
1 Refugio 38 Consecutive Winning Seasons
2 Shiner 5 year winning streak (54-15)
3 Crawford 15 year winning streak (all 7+ wins)
4 Stratford 4 year winning streak (43-9)
5 Alto 36 of last 38 years have been winning seasons
6 Mason 8 consecutive 8+ win seasons
7 Post 4 year winning streak (37-10)
8 Yorktown 16-8 over the last 2 years
9 Lovelady 23-4 over last 2 years
10 Mart 13 year Winning Streakars
11 Hawley 3 consecutive non-losing seasons
12 Weimar 7 consecutive non-losing seasons
13 Seymour 12-11 over the last 2 years
14 Goldthwaite 15-9 over the last 2 years
14 Bosqueville 5 year winning streak

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