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2016 LSG Class 3A DII Pre-Season Rankings

Texas high school football rankings 2014 class 3a dii

So what is going on in Waskom?  Back to back state championships and we still have them ranked #1?  Don't their kids ever graduate?  Well, this core has been here since they were Sophomores... we promise they will have a little dropoff sometime in the future.  And what of Canadian?  They graduated a ton of players.  The program is just that good - remember they were putting up 60-something points most weeks... that means that even with graduation they should still be able to put up 40 a week!   We are excited however to see some new names and old favorites return to the conversation at the top of 3A DII.  Newton, Arp and Crockett look like they could return the promised land.  The Blue Cats of Coleman and Panthers of Blanco are looking to get things fired up in their respective communities.

2016 LSG Class 3A DII Pre-Season BIG 15

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LSG Rank Team Notes
1 Waskom 3 year winning streak (45-2) Back to Back Champion
2 Canadian 14 year winning streak (All 8+ wins) Back to Back 2A Division I Champions
3 Boling 18-7 over the last 2 years
4 Blanco 5 year winning streak (48-18)
5 Newton 22 consecutive winning seasons (all 8+ win seasons)
6 Crockett 17-10 last 2 years
7 Arp 5 year winning streak (44-17)
8 Coleman 22-3 last 2 years
9 Cisco 5 year winning streak (63-6)
10 Odem 6 consecutive non-losing seasons (47-24)
11 Sonora 7 year winning streak (69-21)
12 East Bernard 6 year winning streak (68-13)
13 Childress 12-10 last 2 seasons
14 Hooks 17-5 over the last 2 years
15 West Rusk 15-8 last 2 years

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