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Stats Leaders After Week 7

Texas High School Football Stat Leaders 2016 Week 7

As you know, Lone Star Gridiron rules the roost when it comes to keeping track of the top performers across the state.  Currently, we list 20+ of the leading passers, rushers and receivers in the state.  This list will grow each week and their totals will grow until we crown the season leaders in passing, rushing and receiving yardage!

Levelland's Nick Gerber maintained his lead as the state's leading passer. Robinson's Chase Allison stayed in 2nd place. We have 22 passers listed with #22 having 1,867 yards. Eleven passers have already reached the 2,000 yard mark just 7 games in.

El Paso Parkland running back Sophomore Deion Hankins remained the state's #1 rusher as he now has 1,880 yards on the season. El Paso Americas Joshua Fields moved into 2nd place with 1,535 yards. We have 30 runners listed with #30 having 1,004 yards. Twenty-four more runners made it to the 1,000 yards mark this week.

Robinson's Braxton Ashcraft kept the receiving lead and Keller Timber Creek's Erik Ezukanma moved into 2nd place. We have 24 receivers listed with #24 having 727 yards.

Current 2016 Stat Leaders
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