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Season Two of LSG Coaches Show Coming Soon!

LSG Coaches Show Explodes

Last year during the offseason, I debuted the new LSG Coaches Show.  It was a different take on a coaches show - no Xs & Os, no talk about teams and players... just about the coach.  It quickly became the most popular show we've ever done - and remember, we have been doing shows longer than anyone.

Here are the guests from Season One

  1. Coach Rick Rhoades
  2. Coach Bob Wager
  3. Coach Hal Wasson
  4. Coach Weldon Nelms
  5. Coach Ronnie Gage
  6. Coach Randy Jackson
  7. Coach Denney Faith
  8. Coach Tim Teykl
  9. Coach Tommy Kaiser
  10. Coach Phil Danaher
  11. Coach Jim Streety
  12. Coach Lynn Etheredge
  13. Coach Bruce Bush
  14. Coach Gary Proffitt
  15. Coach Jason Herring
  16. Coach Ross Rogers
  17. Coach Spike Dykes
  18. Coach Joey McGuire
  19. Coach Robert Hernandez
  20. Coach John Snelson
  21. Coach Jim Ledford
  22. Coach Jerry Vance
  23. Coach Chad Morris
  24. UIL Director of Athletics Dr. Susan Elza

The big appeal was that it get you into the heads and most importantly, the hearts of Texas high school football coaches.  It is a subject near and dear to me as I put the final touches on the book co-wrote with Coach Ken Purcell:

All I Need to Know I Learned From My Texas High Football Coach:  A handbook of wisdom for parents, young people and yes, even coaches!

It is a look at why Texas high school football coaches are different and why this sport stands out as such a great tool for developing young men.

Season Two of the Coaches Show will be starting after the first of the year.  Be sure to go back and listen to Season One while you still can as they will be taken offline for site members only after Season Two begins.  Then be sure to pay attention to the site as we roll out some amazing shows this offseason!

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