Canadian Wildcats Stress Fun in Success


It will be here before you know it. Three more weeks of weight room, drills, running, staying focused on getting coached up on 22 necessary key roles needed for a cohesive, successful unit, and two scrimmages, the 2017 season will kickoff at Canadian's Wildcat Stadium.

Even as MaxPreps recently graded the Wildcat program among the 15 most dominant since 2006, that success comes with a price. Not one 2017 teammate can remember when Canadian didn't have a bullseye drawn on them by every opponent on the schedule. They've been raised in that environment. They know nothing different. The competition they face is fierce and unrelenting.

Leaving it all on the field each game in the pursuit of excellence becomes more than just pride, it becomes a responsibility. The results versus each opponent MUST represent improvement from the week before, win or lose. Any positive momentum gained or obstacle that is overcome is not taken for granted. Nothing is taken for granted - and EVERY opponent is respected.

This all appears to be more serious and demanding than what a high school kid should sign up for. But the benefits of building character and preparing a student athlete for life off the field are beyond measure. The balance, however, is seen in having a head coach that constantly reminds the team that they are there to "have fun". It is, believe it or not, a priority, because every coach in the business has observed that when their players are having fun, their performance peaks and they are more gratified with their contribution to the team.

Here's to another season of Texas High School Football!


by Jerry Brunson