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Changes To Class 5A Coming This Year

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Class 5A will see some major changes starting next season. One change will be that the class will be split into Division I and Division II before the season starts and the other will give home field advantage to the district higher ranked teams in the first round of the playoffs.

Four teams make the playoffs in each district (even in the new way the districts will be set up). In the first round of the playoffs, the first place team in one district plays the 4th place team of their bi-district opponent. The 2nd place team plays the 3rd. Starting next year, the first place and 2nd place teams would get home field advantage in bi-district play.

The bigger news is the split into 2 divisions. Class 1A through 4A do this now. Currently there are 253 teams in Class 5A with enrollments from 1,100 to 2,147 divided into 32 districts. That makes it pretty tough when you have the 1,100 enrollment playing schools twice your size. With the new arrangement, the largest 127 schools will be Class 5A Division I and the smaller 126 Class 5A schools will be Class 5A Division II. Each Division will have 16 districts.

Taking a look at how Class 4A is now. Class 4A Division I is made up of schools with enrollments between 723 to 1,099 and Class 4A Division II has enrollments between 480 and 722.

The biggest benefit of this change is that Class 5A teams will be playing teams more their size. The problem is it may increase travel.

It will be exciting to see how both of these changes go.

6A 2190 and Above          252 schools
5A 1150 - 2189                   253 schools
4A 505-1149                       183 schools
3A 225 - 504                      211 schools
2A 105 - 224                      187 schools
1A 104.9 and below          142 schools

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