FNL Matchup: 2011 Austin Lake Travis vs. 2017 Austin Lake Travis

Friday Night Legends

Historic Game Recap

Friday Night Legends is a football board game that uses actual team statistics, play calling and some luck to determine the outcome - kind of like real life! In this series, we will take some of these great teams we have compiled and give you a write-up of how the two played using Friday Night Legends.

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One of the great things about this game is that you have the ability to put two teams on the field that you could never see play in real life. Where else can you see the 2011 Austin Lake Travis team play against the 2017 Austin Lake Travis team?

In 2011, the Cavaliers, led by Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma) were 16-0 en-route to a state championship win. They put up 45.1 points per game and allowed 14.3.

The 2017 version of the team was led by Matthew Baldwin (Ohio State) and recorded a 13-3 record that included a 35-33 state championship loss to Allen. In that game, Baldwin went down with an injury on the first play of the game. This version of the Cavs put up 45.1 points and allowed 16.1 a game - almost exactly the same as the 2011 team. Will the 2017 squad prove that barring a bad break in the title game, they too should be ranked as one of the all-time great Lake Travis teams?

1st Quarter

2011 started with the ball and drove to midfield before stalling. A great punt however, pinned the 2017 team down on their own 8. A quick three-and-out and a punt to midfield put the ball back in 11's hands. They took the punt down to the 35 and looked setup for a great drive. A 32 yard run and a quick 3 yard pass to the endzone game 11's the lead 7-0.

17's started their next drive on their own 24 and after recovering their own fumble a couple plays in, settled in for a drive. That one stalled and they turned to the kicking game. A great punt gave the ball back to the 11's at their own 21.  The 11's had a scare when they fumbled the second play but recovered it. The next play saw them hit a 27 yard pass to 17's territory. After moving the ball down to the 34 the 11's faced 4th and 1. The opted to go for it and hit a 10 yard pass that kept the drive alive. A couple plays later, a 13 yard pass put them in the endzone the second time with the 14-0 lead with 20 seconds remaining in the opening quarter.

2nd Quarter

The 17's started another strong drive that stalled at midfield. Once again, special teams looked great as they pinned 11's on their own 15 on the punt. 17's defense held this time forcing a punt after three tries. The 17's took over at their own 27. Again, they drove a little before being forced to punt again. 11's returned the favor with yet another three-and-out punt. The 17's took the next possession and drove it deep before being forced into a decision. They were facing 4th and 3 just 9 yard short of the endzone with just over 4 minutes until half. They could drop in a field goal or go for it. They elected to go for it and got 6 yards and a first down at the 3. One play later, they cut 11's lead 14-7. The teams traded drives ending in punts to take them into the break.

Halftime Stats

BP =  Big Plays (a type of play that randomly occurs in the game - they can be offense or defense)

Pass Att Comp Yards  Rush Att Yards Avg BP PEN PEN Yd TO
LT 2017
11 8 63 72% 16 46 2.875 2 2 10 0
LT 2011
15 8 91 53% 15 93 6.2 3 4 40 0

3rd Quarter

The third quarter started off with 17's still holding some momentum. They caught the kickoff at the 7 and returned it to the 35 yard line. The drive finally stalled 4th and 1 a 11's 49, where they punted. 11's  took over at their 17 and the first play from scrimmage fumbled the ball. 17's returned it for a TD to tie the game 14 all.

11's tried to get back in gear with the next drive but punted just a few plays in. The teams then uncharacteristically traded turnovers when drives ended in interceptions. 17's started the next drive deep in their own territory and were forced to punt. 11's drove it just out of field goal range, but were stalled. Going for it on 4th and short, they came up short and 17's took over, but did nothing with it. They punted as the fourth quarter was starting.

4th Quarter

The 11's took the first drive of the final quarter deep into 17's territory. The field goal attempt from the 10 was missed, BUT there was a personal foul on the defense giving 11's a 1st and goal at the 5! A draw play up the middle gave 11's the lead 21-14.

Undaunted, 17's took the kickoff from the goal line to the 30 and proceeded to march down the field. With first down on 11's 29, they did the unthinkable and tossed another interception. 11's couldn't take advantage of the gift and were forced to punt a few plays later.

From their own 23, down by 7 with 7:40 to go in the game, 17's took over and looked like world-beaters. They drove down to the 11's 16 yard line and faced a tough 3rd and 11. A 12 yard run kept their hopes alive and set 17's up with first and goal at the 4. 11's defense stepped up with their backs against the wall and held 17's without a yard for two plays, BUT a defensive penalty left them sitting at 2nd and goal at the 2!

The defense stepped up again and 17's were sitting at 3rd and goal at the 5. With exactly 2 minutes to go in the game, 17's bust through for the 5 yard TD pass to tie the game 21-21. It would stay that way into overtime.


The 11's began with the ball first. A Big Play run on the very first play gave the lead back to 11's 28-21 and put the weight firmly on the defense's back. Only a touchdown would keep the 17's alive and force double overtime but 11's defense did the job and held on for the win!

What a game!  The 2017 Cavs were much more effective in pass completion percentage but their total passing yards were a lot lower. Their rushing yards are misleading as most of their yardage came on a few big plays late in the game. 2011 didn't complete nearly as many passes but did it for a lot more yards. Their 9 penalties for 85 yards was a lot to overcome but they never trailed.

Final Stats

Pass Att Comp Yards % Rush Att Yards Avg BP PEN PEN Yd TO
LT 2017 32 25 168 78% 31 104 3.4 7 7 41 1
LT 2011 31 17 207 54% 32 155 4.8 6 9 85 2

NOTE: These are just two of the many historic and current Texas high school football teams available for the Friday Night Legends game. (more than 50 teams already) Look for future game wraps as we continue to play out dream Texas high school football matchups.