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Making Quarterbacks Smarter?

Chris Hixson - QBIQ

Chris Hixson, not to be confused with "Chuck" Hixson of SMU-fame, is a quarterback that has moved from his professional player role (2001-2005) to one of educator, coach and mentor - specifically to quarterbacks. In recent years, while running The Passing Academy, which focuses on creating smarter quarterbacks, Hixson developed the QBIQ  Pre-snap Reading System.

Using a set of flash cards and accompanying videos, young QBs learn the skills of reading a defense in those crucial seconds from walking up to the line of scrimmage to releasing the ball. These are vital decisions that mean incrementally more and more as a game moves forward. The results reported seems to bear out that his system works.

Intrigued, I contacted Chris to get a copy of QBIQ and at first, it was a bit overwhelming. Once I took the time to really dig in, watch the accompanying install videos and understand the system, the light bulb went on. I can totally see how this system could work with any offense to improve a QB's ability to really understand what a defense is showing against him... and more importantly, know which options in his team's play have the best chance of succeeding. As a former wide receiver, I also think this will even make a great tool for a route runner.

This short clip I found on YouTube shows Chris working with young QBs on memorization but also understanding the why.

I also ran it by several coaches and they seem to agree this could be very useful for a program. It has some great potential to help QBs read quicker and make better decisions.

Chris and his crew will be in San Antonio next month conducting a coaches clinic and a QB mini-camp in the days leading up to the THSCA Convention & Coaching School. They will also be demonstrating the system at their booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Look for information on their clinic and camp here soon.

by Chris Doelle

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