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Straight Line Recruiting is the Way to Go!

The original way is still the best way!

Lone Star Gridiron's Chris Doelle stopped by the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) to talk with Assistant Executive Director, Glen West. The subject? STRAIGHT LINE RECRUITING.

In response to the growth of "other" channels (street agents etc.) devoted to helping young athletes (or themselves sometimes) get recruited, Straight Line Recruiting tackles what is best for the university, college and student-athlete. Working with the UIL, NCAA and AFCA, the THSCA is putting for this initiative,

To make this happen, letters were sent to coaches at the collegiate level asking them to use this system:

  1. Before visiting a high school campus contact the coaching staff and make them aware of your intentions.
  2. In the event you do not have time to visit a specific high school campus, we ask that you contact that athlete's head coach directly and ask for a character reference.
  3. If you plan to make a scholarship offer to an athlete, please notify the head coach before you do so.
  4. We would like your help in initiating a state-wide Division I football combine sponsored by THSCA and helping Texas high school athletes.

All 12 Division I Head Coaches agreed that this was a good plan and they will all follow the suggestions.

The high school coaches too were sent a letter asking for some things:

  • We ask head coaches to meet and visit with the college coaches as they come on your campus.
  • Take photos with every recruiter that comes onto your campus and post with #SLR
  • Hold the Division I coaches accountable for "Committable Offer."
  • Use social media to promote those who get an offer by mentioning the college coach and school and your athlete's name with #SLR.
  • Take responsibility yourself or add a recruiting coordinator who manages all recruiting visits and helps you manage recruiting.
  • Retweet and hashtag all #SLR tweets and end your tweets with #SLR
  • When you feel a recruitment has been mishandled in any way, please contact use before reacting negatively toward the college coach. All sides would like  an opportunity to correct a problem before animosity explodes.

Straight Line Recruiting is an opportunity for Texas high school football coaches take back recruiting and colleges to have a dependable route to the best information about potential athletes.

by Chris Doelle


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