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2019 LSG Class 2A DI Pre-Season Rankings

2019 LSG Class 2A DI Pre-Season BIG 15

LSG Rank Team
1 Refugio
2 Mason
3 Shiner
4 San Augustine
5 Garrison
6 San Saba
7 New Deal
8 Alto
9 Sundown
10 Panhandle
11 Hawley
12 Tenaha
13 Beckville
14 Joaquin
15 Holland
15 Weimar
15 Price Carlisle

Mike Says:  Refugio, Mason, Shiner, San Augustine and Garrison all look very good. The problem is that only 1 of them have a chance at making the Championship game. They are all in Region III or IV so there is no chance form them to play each other. That said, that side of the playoff bracket will have some very good Quarterfinal and Semifinal games. San Saba has a lot of talent coming back.

Chris Says: Refugio is the team with all the preseason buzz. After a seeming stumble last season, Coach Jason Herring has a new look on his helmet and a new attitude on his Bobcats. Their matchup in September against Mart will go a long way toward seeing where they stand. Mason is another team that wants to show that last season was no fluke. (Be sure to catch the Mason Coach's Show on the LSG Sports Network this season for weekly updates on the Punchers!) There is also a lot of talk around Shiner with a new coach and what could be a slightly new look to the team. But, I agree with Mike that someone ranked from 6 to 10 may jump up and make it to Arlington.

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