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2019 LSG Class 4A DI Pre-Season Rankings

2019 LSG Class 4A DI Pre-Season BIG 15

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LSG Rank Team Notes
1 Argyle 15 consecutive winning seasons
2 Carthage 17 consecutive non-losing seasons
3 Waco La Vega 4 consecutive winning seasons (57-4)
4 Liberty Hill 9 consecutive winning seasons
5 Sealy 2 consecutive winning seasons (18-6)
6 Lampasas 2018 ended 6 consecutive non-winning seasons
6 Decatur 6 year winning streak (48-27)
6 Midlothian Heritage 3 year winning streak (34-5)
10 West Columbia 2 consecutive non-losing seasons (10-8)
11 Van 5 year winning streak (48-13)
12 Henderson 5 year winning streak (49-16)
13 Paris 8 year winning streak (62-32)
13 Stephenville 2 consecutive winning seasons (19-7)
15 Kilgore 12-12 over last 2 years

Mike Says:  Argyle will be a favorite but Carthage, Liberty Hill, Waco La Vega and Sealy will be tough to get by. A couple of teams that have not been at the top in a while to watch out for are Lampasas and West Columbia.

Chris Says: Argyle has been one of the most dominant schools when you look at the UIL Lone Star Cup rankings (performance in all areas of UIL competition.) They haven't been to a title game since appearing four times from 2011-2015. Despite losing only 1 game each season in the last six years, they just seem to come up short. 2019 looks to be a year for them to push through and return to Arlington. It won't be easy because despite losing a lot to graduation, Carthage just seems to find a way to fill the holes in their lineup by playoffs and when they get to state... they just win. Heck, the top 5 all look likely to be playing the final week and the top ten have a realistic shot of being there. This will be one of the most hotly contested classifications in all of football.

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