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XFL Opening Day Matchups and Predictions

XFL week one winners - 2023

With the XFL season about to kick off, the logical question is - who will win? Do we know enough about the teams, rosters and coaches to accurately predict? Probably not, as we mentioned in XFL Weekly, there will likely be dramatic surprises and wholesale depth chart adjustments in the first few weeks.  Defense will have the edge as offensive relies much more on timing and familiarity (especially in the passing game.) Do not assume the winners in week one and two will be the standouts all season. Once those offenses click, it will be a different game entirely.

Vipers and Renegades

Arlington Renegades Defense Leads the Way in Win over Vegas Vipers

While home field advantage does not mean a whole lot to a new team in a new league, it does mean a little bit here because it is also home to the entire league and a lot of league activities have focused here.  The real key, as mentioned above, is defense. Josh Hawkins should be a factor defensively for the Renegades all season and there is no better place and time to start that than against Vegas.

Luis Perez should have a good showing for the Vipers but his timing is not there yet with his receiving corps.

Guardians at Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks Starts 1-0 Against Orlando Guardians

The first of three straight home games for the Roughnecks and this one is against what many are calling the worst team in the XFL. While I don't think Orlando is the undisputed worst team,  they do need some work on the interior.

If Coach Terrell Buckley is smart, he will give quarterback Quinten Dormady a solid look not only because he is much better than a lot of folks realize, but as a former Texas high school football player, he will bring fans that can lessen the impact of the Roughnecks home field advantage.

Battlehawks at Brahmas

 San Antonio Brahmas Surprise St. Louis Battlehawks

My first of two upset predictions. The San Antonio Brahma Mamas and as many other Alamo City football fans as possible will pack the Alamodome in this football crazed city. That, combined with a solid defensive the Brahmas may just win this one on emotion alone.

Everyone is placing the crown on the Battlehawks largely because of AJ McCarron's three National Championships (tw0 as a starter) for Alabama. He was surrounded by a better team there than currently on the St. Louis roster.  Will he do as he did after losing to Tennessee 52-49 and attack coaching and management if they do drop the opener to San Antonio? We will see  - hopefully he has matured beyond that.

Sea Dragons at Defenders

 D.C. Defenders Escape the Seattle Sea Dragons

The Sea Dragons on paper as a superior team but the home crowd will make the difference here. Yes, I mentioned earlier that home field can't be a big factor early on, but here it is. The Defenders will keep it close and some key defensive plays inspired by a surprisingly active crowd will allow them to eek out the win.

Yes, much has been written about the QB depth of Seattle with Ben DiNucci, Harrison Frost and Steven Montez but only one can play at a time. Unless there is a last-minute trade for an impactful defensive player, Seattle will need time to get the true potential from that offense.

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