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Commentary: Industrial Cobras finally getting recognition?

Prior to kicking off the season, I placed the Industrial Cobras (4-1, 1-0) at #24 in my 2A rankings while no one else in the state even had them on the radar.  In the interest of full disclosure, most of you know that Industrial is the alma mater of myself and my first co-host "Mighty" Mike Wright.  I also have to admit that I based my preseason ranking on insider knowledge of Matt Anderson.  Not only have I known him for years and seen him light up football fields in the Houston area since the pee-wee level, but he is my nephew's boy.

So yeah, it was a homer pick.  Yeah, it was information that the rest of the sports pundits didn't have access to.  The bottom line though, is that it is good information.  Anderson is the real deal - he is capable of not only starting, but leading the team in any of four or five positions.   If the Cobras were more of a passing team, and given the opportunity, he could easily win district or better.  If he were given a larger share of the carries, he could also make short work of a 2,000 yard rushing season.

Don't get me wrong - Matt Anderson is not their only weapon - he is just the best one.  Quarterback, Austin Smalley improves steadily, and as this team continues to gain confidence and believe in themselves, he will both feed on that and motivate his teammates to do the same.  Dillon Koop is running better than he ever has, due in part to his maturation as a runner, as well as the competition presented by Anderson for touches.

Sure, Industrial's schedule hasn't been very tough, they have taken it to a lot of low-ranked teams.  However, it was the game against Refugio that legitimized them in the eyes of a lot of sportswriters and fans.  Despite losing the game 32-18, it took the mighty Bobcats until the fourth quarter to take the lead for the final time.

Going into this weekends games, I have Industrial ranked #18 personally, and the official LSG poll has them sitting at #25.  So is this a solid ranking?  Is it the view of a 'homer,' blinded by being related to the school and one of their star players?  Or could it be the real deal?  Halloween night, we will find out.

The biggest remaining test on Industrial's regular season schedule is huge.  We are talking #6 Hitchcock!  If the Cobras can grab the win or even hold the game close, people are going to have to give them their props.

I, for one, WILL be in attendance for that game.

Chris Doelle
Lone Star Gridiron

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