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7 on 7 State Championship Division I Pool Breakdown (Pools M – P)



Here are the Division I State Championship pool breakdowns with stats, key players and of course my predictions. (POOLs M - P)

Pool M: Fort Bend Bush, Buda Hayes Consolidated, Spring, Wylie

Fort Bend Bush is making their 1st appearance and will feature DB Rilwan Adedeji. They went 3-0 against tournament teams in SQT play. Buda Hayes Consolidated is the only 4A school in this pool. They will be led by QB Sam Breyfogle and making their 4th overall appearance. They also went 3-0 in SQT play vs. tournament teams. Spring is making their 4th overall and 2nd consecutive appearance. Their key players will be WR Arthur Londy and RB DaRed Haynes. Their record against tournament teams in SQT is 3-5. Wylie will be making their 7th overall appearance. They made the Quarterfinals in 2005 and will bring lots of talent this time around like RB Nick Knott (1502 yards rushing in 2008), TE Noah Chesier, LB Toby Ball, WR Colby Harper (993 yards receiving in 2008) and DB Zach Lowe. Wylie finished SQT play against tournament teams at 1-4. Fort Bend Bush will make a great showing here.

Mike's Picks: 1. Fort Bend Bush 2. Wylie 3. Spring 4. Buda Hayes Consolidated

Pool N: Cedar Hill, Houston Bellaire, Denton Guyer, Cedar Park Vista Ridge

This pool will feature four 5A teams. Cedar Hill is making their 1st appearance but they will bring as much talent as anyone. Their key players are LB Aaron Benson (Committed to Texas Top 10 OLB in the nation), JR QB Driphus Jackson, RB Ben Malena (2202 yards rushing in 2008 committed to Texas A&M Top 20 RB in the nation), WR John Coleman, WR Oliver Wells, DB/LB Spencer Phillips, DB Elisha Olabode, LB Josh Parks and LB Christian White. Houston Bellaire in their 3rd overall appearance will feature QB Adrian Nelson, WR/DB Derwyn Lauderdale (986 yards receiving) and ATH Chris Hensley. They went 1-3 against tournament teams in SQT play. Denton Guyer will be a very dangerous team making their 2nd consecutive appearance. They went 3-3 vs. tournament teams in SQT play and will be led by RB Jaimaine Willhite (1507 yards rushing in 2008), WR Austin Otto, JR QB J.W. Walsh, LB/DB Ravion Ingram, DB Antonio Burton and DB Chuks Orabuchi. Cedar Park Vista Ridge is making their 1st
appearance in state play and they will bring key players like RB Calvin Thompson and DB Michael Pickett. This will be a fun pool to watch.

Mike's Picks: 1. Cedar Hill 2. Denton Guyer 3. Houston Bellaire 4. Cedar Park Vista Ridge

Pool O: Abilene Cooper, DeSoto, Fort Bend Elkins, Richland

Abilene Cooper is making their 8th overall appearance. They were the 2000 Runner Up and made the 2004 Quarterfinals. The key players will be QB Ryan Heslep, WR Tommy Bowman and JR WR Khole Jackson. Cooper went an impressive 5-2 vs. tournament teams in SQT play. DeSoto is making their 1st appearance and they will be bringing a ton of talent. They will feature DB Adrian White (5 INTs in 2008 committed to Texas #2 CB in the nation), WR Darius Terrell (34-577 yards receiving in 2008 Committed to Texas, RB Marcus Murphy 1274 yards rushing and 41-524 yards receiving in 2008), LB Zachary Orr (1st Team All-State), DB Vincent Eddie (4 INTs 18 PB in 2008), LB Byron Hudson and JR QB Ryan Polite (1793 yards passing in 2008). Fort Bend Elkins is making their 2nd consecutive appearance and they will be led by WR Jordan Jolly. The Defending champions Richland is making their 6th overall and 3rd consecutive appearance. They had a 5-2 record vs. tournament teams in sQT play and will be led by QB Tyler Cotton (2666 yards passing in 2008), DB Isaac Umesi, DB Marus Palanco and DB Michael Blaz). Richland is looking to be the first team to win back to back and only the 2nd team to win two 7 on 7 state championships. If Cooper gets knocked down to the Consolation tournament, look for them to win it.

Mike's Picks: 1. Richland 2. DeSoto 3. Abilene Cooper 4. Fort Bend Elkins

Pool P: Abilene, Fort Bend Dulles, Klein Collins, South Garland

This pool will also feature 4 5A schools. Abilene is making their 11th overall and 6th consecutive appearance. They are led by DB Karsten Goodman and were the 2002 Runner Ups and made the 2005 Semifinals. Fort Bend Dulles is making their 1st appearance. They went 2-2 vs. tournament teams in SQT play and will be led by DB C.J. Love and DB Zach McMillian. Klein Collins is making their first showing since 2004. Their key players will be RB JaMichael Rozier, WR Brett Hume and DB Jordan Jones. South Garland made the Semifinals in 2004 and are making their 5th overall and 3rd consecutive appearance. They went 2-2 in SQT play against tournament teams and will feature JR RB John Lacour and QB Colton Altier. Abilene will make easy work of this pool.

Mike's Picks: 1. Abilene 2. South Garland 3. Fort Bend Dulles 4. Klein Collins


By: Michael Wright
Lone Star Gridiron

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