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Best Texas High School Football Games of 2010?

Okay, it is that time of year - a quick chance to take one last look back to the season that was 2010 and point out the Best Texas High School Football Games of 2010.

We have our lists begun but need your input. Give us the skinny. We saw a ton of games last year, but didn't see them all. What was the best game you saw last season? What amazing comebacks, superhuman performances, heart-melting moments will forever be in your mind from 2010?

We all know that every season of Texas high school football is magical, but what moments stood out last season for you?

Tell us who was playing, what was on the line, who rose above adversity - tell us everything you can remember about that amazing game. Leave comment here or shoot us an email at info@lonestargridiron.com and share your favorites.

We will compile the collection and determine the Top Ten Best Texas High School Football Games of 2010. Hopefully, yours will make the list.

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