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Dallas Jesuit Chooses Offensive Coordinator To Replace Wunderlick

2011 Coaching Change: Dallas Jesuit Rangers

Old Head Coach: Bob Wunderlick -- Resigned after coaching the Rangers to a 80-68-0 record over the last 14 seasons. He has been coaching at the school for 22 years. The Rangers won three TCIL titles during Wunderlicks first three seasons. After the league disbanded in 1999, Jesuit played four seasons as an independent before the UIL permitted Jesuit and Houston Strake Jesuit into the UIL in 2004. His UIL coaching record is 37-38-0.

New Head Coach: Brandon Hickman -- Was the Offensive coordinator. His other coaching stops have been at North Garland and Richardson Pearce.

Team News: The Rangers have an overall 37-38-0 record in UIL play since they joined in 2004.

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By: Michael Wright
Lone Star Gridiron

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