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Fort Bend Elkins Wins Rosenberg Terry 7-on-7 SQT

Here are the scores from the Rosenberg Terry 7-on-7 SQT. Once again, Terry put on a great tournament. If you want to go see a well run tournement then go to this one.

There was once again a little controversy. Pool A had a three way tie with three teams going 2-1. At the Texans SQT earlier in the year the tie-breaker was the total points scored by the 3 teams when they played each other (not counting their score against the 0-3 team). Terry went by winning margins (how many points you won by in all 3 games). I would like this to be more consistent and wondered what the rules are. Here they are from the State 7-on-7 site.

* Head-to-Head, Points Scored, Points Allowed will determine the pool winners or teams to advance.

* In a three way tie, only the scores of games between teams in the tie will be counted. Once a winner has been declared, the remaining two teams will revert back to head-to-head to break the remaining tie.

So...it looks like the Texans SQT had it right.

Pool A
Fort Bend Austin 39, Houston Bellaire 22
Rosenberg Terry 32, Tomball 12

Fort Bend Austin 20, Rosenberg Terry 12
Tomball 34, Houston Bellaire 26

Tomball 44, Fort Bend Austin 39
Rosenberg Terry 30, Houston Bellaire 12

Rosenberg Terry (2-1), Fort Bend Austin (2-1), Tomball (2-1), Houston Bellaire (0-3)
The point differences were Rosenberg Terry +30, Fort Bend Austin +20 and Tomball -7
The scores of games between teams in the tie were Fort Bend Austin 59, Tomball 56 and Rosenberg Terry 44
Rosenberg Terry Advances

Pool B
Katy Cinco Ranch 46, A&M Consolidated 33
Pasadena Dobie 32, Fort Bend Bush 18

A&M Consolidated 40, Fort Bend Bush 33
Katy Cinco Ranch 26, Pasadena Dobie 20

A&M Consolidated 38, Pasadena Dobie 34
Fort Bend Bush 13, Katy Cinco Ranch 8

Katy Cinco Ranch (2-1), A&M Consolidated (2-1), Pasadena Dobie (1-2), Fort Bend Bush (1-2)
Katy Cinco Ranch Advances with the head to head win over A&M Consolidated

Pool C
Fort Bend Elkins 46, Cypress Falls 27
Katy wins forfeit over Houston Memorial (they did not show up)

Katy 33, Cypress Falls 27
Fort Bend Elkins wins forfeit over Houston Memorial

Fort Bend Elkins 35, Katy 24
Cypress Falls wins forfeit over Houston Memorial

Fort Bend Elkins (3-0), Katy (2-1), Cypress Falls (1-2), Houston Memorial (0-3)
Fort Bend Elkins Advances

Pool D
Fort Bend Clements 20, Victoria West 19
Willis 41, Cypress Creek 18

Cypress Creek 28, Victoria West 6
Willis 41, Fort Bend Clements 12

Willis 41, Victoria West 13
Cypress Creek 27, Fort Bend Clements 0

Willis (3-0), Cypress Creek (2-1), Fort Bend Clements (1-2), Victoria West (0-3)
Willis Advances

Katy Cinco Ranch 26, Rosenberg Terry 14
Fort Bend Elkins 44, Willis 20

Katy Cinco Ranch and Fort Bend Elkins earn trips to the state championships

3rd Place game
Willis defeated Rosenberg Terry

Championship Game
Fort Bend Elkins 34, Katy Cinco Ranch 6

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