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(Week 0 2011): Daingerfield Tigers @ Arp Tigers

Texas high school football

Daingerfield won 44-14 last season.

Mike Says: Daingerfield won big last year on their way to a third consecutive state championship. Arp went the other direction falling to a 6-7 season. Just like last year, this is a matchup of a top 5 2A Division I (Daingerfield) and a top 10 2A Division II (Arp). This year the game is at Arp and they have something to prove. Daingerfield will bring a great defense though and the Daingerfield TIGERS win 32-14!!

Chris Says: I am not even sure why this one is in the Games of the Week.  Okay, I get the fact that they are both good in their class and division, but come on - this is not a contest.  Okay, Arp is a great program, but it is no match for Daingerfield this year.  Tigers get the win easy 40-13!!


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