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2011 8-4A All-District Teams

MVP: Darrell Harris, sr., RB, Waco.

Offensive player of the year: Hunter Jarmon, jr., WR, Waco Midway; Brice Gunter, jr., WR, Stephenville.
Defensive player of the year: Padyn Giebler, sr., LB, Stephenville; Justin Richter, sr., LB, Waco Midway.

Offensive newcomer of the year: Garrett Gaskamp, soph., QB, Killeen.

Defensive newcomer of the year: Jordan Randolph, fr., DB, Waco University; Mookie Carlisle, soph., DB, Stephenville.






Quarterback: Adonis Haven, sr., Waco University; Tyler Jones, jr., Stephenville.

Running back: B.J. Kelly, jr., Waco Midway; Witt Westbrook, jr., Stephenville; Derrious Burns, sr., Waco University.

Wide receiver: Courtney Washington, sr., Waco Midway; Hunter Bernays, sr., Stephenville; Myron Hills, jr., Waco; Zack Green, jr., Waco University.

Tight end: Trent Morrison, sr., Stephenville.

Center: Greg Garrett, sr., Waco Midway.

Linemen: Andrew Billings, jr., Waco; Kanyon Mitchell, Waco; Reggie Harris, sr., Killeen; Tyler Sartain, sr., Waco Midway; Bryan Manley, jr., Stephenville.

Utility: Alex Sanchez, jr., Stephenville.

Kicker: Blake Barnes, sr., Stephenville; Ben Diaz, jr., Waco.

Returner: Witt Westbrook, jr., Stephenville.





Tackle: Ben Hughes, jr., Waco University; Marquise Johnson, sr., Waco Midway; Nicholas Sunday, sr., Waco.

End: Derriel Collins, sr., Killeen; Artez Price, sr., Killeen; Adam Deleon, sr,. Waco Midway; Travell Harden, sr,. Waco Midway; Cody Ferguson, sr., Stephenville.

Inside linebacker: Holton Westbrook, sr., Stephenville; Shawn Sunday, sr., Waco; Justin Acker, sr., Killeen.

Outside linebacker: Lester Walker, sr,. Waco; Chrishard Buhl, jr., Waco Midway.

Cornerback: Josh Porter, jr., Waco; Robert Lewis, sr., Waco Midway.

Safety: Adrian Norwood, jr., Waco; Deric Robertson, jr., Killeen; Shakiel Randolph, sr,. Waco Midway.

Punter: Hunter Jarmon, jr., Waco Midway. Deep snapper: Carlos Leal, jr., Waco Midway; Trayvond Brooks, jr., Waco





Quarterback: Jordan Darling, jr., Waco Midway; Deonte Phillips, sr., Waco.

Running back: Naaman Young, jr., Killeen; Keimon McDowell, jr., Waco.

Wide receiver: Dustin Vasek, soph., Waco Midway; Jaylon Ross, sr., Waco; Chris Harris, jr., Waco University; Devyn Williams, jr., Killeen; Ricky Pelzer, sr., Killeen.

Tight end: Akeem Harrison, jr., Killeen.

Center: Donald Thompson, sr., Waco.

Linemen: Devonte Neal, soph., Waco; Adrian Barragan, jr., Waco University; Donte Patrick, sr., Killeen; Josh Andrews, sr., Waco Midway; Hunter Nelms, sr., San Angelo Lakeview; Tanner Jerrett, sr., Stephenville.

Utility: Michael Branch, jr., Waco; Kramer Robertson, jr., Waco Midway.

Kicker: Marin Henderson, sr., Killeen; Drew Owen, jr., Waco Midway.

Returner: Preston Brown, jr., Stephenville; Terrance Majors, sr., Waco University.




Tackle: Larry Kidd, jr., Killeen; Austin Brown, sr., Stephenville; Andrew Billings, jr., Waco.

End: Connor Sohns, sr., Waco Midway; Miguel Guerra, sr,. Waco University.

Inside linebacker: Brandon Taplin, sr., Waco; Quinton Trice, soph., Waco University; John Chivers, sr., Killeen.

Outside linebacker: Victor Saucedo, sr., San Angelo Lakeview; Chase Hobbs, sr., Waco; Wesley Abercrombie, sr., Waco Midway.

Cornerback: Michael Coleman, sr., Waco University; Ameer Lee, sr., Killeen; Gerron Dewberry, sr,. Waco Midway.

Safety: Antwane Nichols, sr., Waco University; Dino Cannon, sr., Killeen.

Punter: Ameer Lee, sr., Killeen; Deonte Phillips, sr., Waco.

Deep snapper: Kody Josserand, sr., Stephenville; Jack Patton, sr., Killeen


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