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Thank You to the Moms of Texas High School Football Athletes

Mothers's Day from Texas high school football athletesI just wanted to take a second to say "Thank You, Mom."  Not just to my mother (who at last check was the greatest mother of all time,) but to the Moms that make it possible for all our athletes to pursue their sports dreams.

The role a mother plays in a young athlete’s achievement and success are almost too big for description.  From you we find expert advice, insights, information and that perfect fan rooting for our success.  You are master of the over-scheduled lives we lead.  You are the chauffeur, the voice of encouragement,  the chef, the head cheerleader, the shoulder when things go bad... you make it all possible.

Don't get me wrong, I know that, depending on an athletes family makeup, others can sometimes play each of those roles, but this day isn't about them.  Mother's Day is about honoring the amazing things that these women bring to our lives.

Texas high school football often focuses on the male-bonding of the kid playing for the kid next to him and laying it on the line for a coach they sometimes hate and often love.  Texas high school football first and foremost though, is about family... and family is about Mom.

I know from my days of playing WR & CB for the Vanderbilt Industrial Cobras, the stories I often tell when reliving the glory days with the guys are *) that freezing game we played against Palacios when it stung each time I touched the ball, *) my first game against Weimar where I caught my first pass in a real game, *) winning the district over our arch-rival, the Ganado Indians or *) the time we faced off against Van Vleck and we were sure we were going to get beat up when hanging out a little too long after the game.  But if you ask me about my proudest moment in Texas high school football, it would have to be the first time Mom came to watch one of my games.  Sure, she spent the whole time covering her eyes when I was tackled, wondering out loud, "why all those boys don't just get off him and let my baby up."  But, she was there and I loved it.

I hope everyone, especially student athletes, take the opportunity this weekend to thank Mom for all she has done.

Happy Mother's Day

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