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RRR: Summer is almost over!

Figuring Your Recruiting Status

Texas high school football recruiting

ATTN: Class of 2013’s

Summer is almost over….most of the college camps are over…football practice is less than a month away. You’ve received a bunch of letters, been to a bunch of camps, what do I do now?

1.  If you have been offered a scholarship, you better know what your decision-making timeline is. Don’t be naïve enough to think that you are the ONLY player who has an offer on the table. If you are procrastinating (probably because whoever YOU want to offer you, hasn’t, and the ones that have aren’t your first preference), realize that when some other player commits to a particular school, your offer may likely come off the table. If you make it to September 1 with an offer, schools are likely going to begin to “squeeze” you into making a decision.

2.  If you haven’t been offered a scholarship, several dynamics are in play.

  • You don’t have an offer until a coach verbally says, “we offer you a scholarship”. There is no such thing as being “heavily recruited” if you don’t have an offer. You either do or you don’t.
  • You aren’t the school’s first choice at your position. Offers have been made to other kids and until they decide, you won’t get an offer. Don’t hold your breath—you are not in control of that part of the recruiting process.
  • Schools want to see you play games as a senior. You’ve been evaluated as a junior, during your spring practice, and at summer camps. The only evaluation window left is your senior year. You better be in playoff shape when practice begins and your skill level needs to be in late season form. Those Division I schools still evaluating will want to see video by the end of September.
  • It may be time to re-evaluate your goals and become realistic about your projected college level of play. There is a reason why no Division I school has offered you, so it is time to begin to look at FCS/Div 1AA or Division II, Division III, NAIA schools. They are just starting their recruiting process by figuring out which players are still available.

3. Regardless, you still need to find out which colleges are still holding camps this late in the summer, because those schools are the ones still evaluating players and haven’t allotted all their scholarships.

by Randy Rodgers
Randy Rodgers Recruiting Randy Rodgers Recruiting

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