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Will La Marque Be Closed Down?

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There is a chance that the La Marque school district will close down. The TEA (Texas Education Agency) has revoked their accreditation. Barring a successful appeal to the decision, the district will cease to exist on July 1, 2015. The state agency revoked the districts accreditation because of academically unacceptable ratings for three years in a row and poor financial accountability ratings. If the education agency's decision is upheld, the La Marque school district will close and be absorbed by neighboring school districts.

Looking at the football side of things, schools like Texas City, Dickinson, Hitchcock and Santa Fe would all benefit. The Cougars from La Marque have a rich history of football playing in 10 state championship games.

Not only will the players be sent to other schools, but the district itself will have yet another problem.  A lot was made last football season about the fact that 0-10 Houston Scarborough made the playoffs.  They did so because there were only 4 teams in District 10-4A DII and UIL rules allow the top 4 teams in a district to go to the playoffs.  If La Marque drops out, this district will only have three teams... what do you do then?

Does the UIL give one lucky opponent in bi-district a bye win?  Or will there be a never-before action like emergency realignment?

The La Marque ISD School Board will hold an emergency meeting today (Sunday, 2/8/15) to address the situation.  It is assumed they will vote to attempt to appeal the TEA decision.

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