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2015 7on7 SQT’s Week 3

State Qualifying Tournaments (SQT's) are held throughout the state.

Teams that finish in the top two of an SQT qualify for the State 7 on 7 Tournament.

Here are the SQT's for Week 3

May 23, 2015

Division I

Northwest SQT -- Justin

Cougar SQT -- Houston

Mesquite SQT -- Mesquite

Westwood SQT -- Round Rock

Division II

Bullard SQT -- Bullard

CES Performance SQT -- Houston Amateur Sports Park

Crane SQT -- Crane

Fredericksburg SQT -- Fredericksburg

Gatesville SQT -- Gatesville

Lexington SQT -- Lexington

Midwestern SQT -- Wichita Falls

Complete list of statewide qualifying tournaments:

2015 7 on 7 DI State Qualifying Tournaments

2015 7 on 7 DII State Qualifying Tournaments

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