Most Passing Yards In A Season Page Updated

The page for the Passing Yards In A Season has been updated. Eighteen (18) players were added to the all-time list last year. The entire list consist of 155 players plus an additional list of 60 or 70 notable players that came close to making the list. To make it on the list, a quarterback would need to pass for an amazing 3,400 yards in a season. The all-time record is held by Travis Quintanilla of Refugio who passed for 5,542 yards in 2013. Quintanilla was our 2A Player Of The Year last year.

Shelton Eppler who was a Junior last year with Navasota passed for the 2nd most yards in history with 5,444 yards. Kyler Murray of Allen who was our 6A Player Of The Year made it to 8th all-time with 4,713 yards. Kerrville Tivy's Cade Dyal made it into the Top 15 with 4,631 yards.

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