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Ken Purcell

Ken Purcell

Chris Doelle sits down with Coach Ken Purcell and they discuss one of the most important duties of a head football coach in Texas - being a role model.


  • Coach Ken Purcell continues to share his passion for Texas high school football and the vital role played by coaches in making this such a unique and great sport.
  • His take on the Ennis vs Waxahachie matchup and Coach Jon Kitna's test against Coach Jack Alvarez. Coach Purcell was impressed with the play of Kitna's son - Jordan at quarterback.
  • The special connection that is a head coach with his son as his starting quarterback and the great results that connection have created in the past.
  • Ken take about how coaches he hired while Athletic Director were to be role models first
    • Coaches are held to a higher standard than teachers
    • Don't preach abstinence from drinking to your kids and then be out on the town drinking
    • Accountability begins with the coach - own the issue when something comes up
    • Nurture your assistant coaches - encourage them to grown, advance and move up
    • You've got to have a philosophy as a head coach and be able to articulate that
    • The head football coach should be the leader both on the field and in the school
  • A conversation on why football coaches make so much money and the life lessons taught by football
  • Athletics is not EXTRAcurrricular - it is COcurricular.
  • Who would you want in a foxhole with you?

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