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Must-See Rivalry Games This Week!

Long-time Rivalries Highlight the Final Week of Regular Season Play

A lot of these games have district title implication and most of them are even among our Cool Name Games and yes, a few don't have any of that going for them.  Whether the whole season is on the line this week or the game has literally no meaning in the standings... these games are BIG.  To these teams, these are the Super Bowl matchups.  Beating a rival is huge whether it is a relatively new one or these squads have met for 100 years, but there is something even more special when these matchups come around each season.  It makes it just a little bit more exciting when it is the last game of the regular season.  Check out this list of some great long running series that are being played out this week.

​​El Campo (9-0)Chris20wredMike20w at Bay City (6-3)

The Bay City-El Campo rivalry is tied for the the states longest running series - 95 years 1920-2015. This series is #2 in all time games played. The two schools have met 112 times, El Campo holds a slight 60-43-9 edge. This series started in 1911 with a 0-0 tie, El Campo jumped off to a 13-0-4 advantage before Bay City won for the first time (13-6) in 1924. El Campo now has a 8 year winning streak.

Both schools are in the playoffs.  A Bay City win would cause a 3 way tie for 1st place.

District 12-4A DI W-L District
El Campo (9-0) (5-0)
Stafford (6-4) (5-1)
Bay City (6-3) (4-1)
Sealy (3-6) (2-3)
Needville (5-4) (1-4)
West Columbia (4-5) (1-4)
Freeport Brazosport (1-8) (0-5)

Mike Says: I have been to this game twice and it is an amazing atmosphere. Better get there early. El Campo make it 9 years in a row with a 34-20 wins!!

Chris Says: As much as I think Bay City is a lot better than folks are thinking, El Campo is pretty darn amazing.  Yes, I do think El Campo wins it, but look for it to be a one possession game.

Sherman (4-5) at Denison (4-5)Chris20wredMike20w 

The Battle of the Axe is the states 2nd longest running rivalry in the state with 86 years. This rivalry is #1 in all-time games though with 117 games. Sherman leads series 69-40-8. First game was played in 1906. Since 1912, there have only been five years in which the game was not played, three of which were during World War I. 1949 was the first year in which the Axe was awarded to the winner of the game.

Denison is in the playoffs and Sherman is out if Denison wins.   A Sherman win, could cause a 3 way tie for the last 2 playoff spots.

District 5-5A W-L District
Denton Ryan (9-0) (5-0)
Denton (8-1) (4-1)
Denison (4-5) (3-2)
Wichita Falls Rider (4-5) (3-2)
Sherman (4-5) (2-3)
Wichita Falls (1-9) (1-5)
Denton Braswell (0-9) (0-5)

Mike Says:   Its pretty much a must win for both of these teams if they want to be in the playoffs.     This will be another great game in this rivalry.   Denison pulls away late though to win 39-24.

Chris Says: It doesn't get much bigger than the Battle of the Axe.  I love that these two teams have identical records and a loss could put someone out of the postseason.  Talk about a build up!  I think the home field will be the difference maker and Denison pulls it off by 4.

San Benito (9-0)Chris20wredMike20w  at Harlingen (7-2)

Harlingen leads this series 61-22-5 all-time in the ʺBattle Of The Arroyoʺ

Both of these schools are in the playoffs.  This is for the district championship.

District 32-6A W-L District
San Benito (9-0) (6-0)
Harlingen (7-2) (6-0)
Weslaco East (5-4) (3-3)
Weslaco (5-4) (3-3)
Los Fresnos (5-4) (3-3)
Brownsville Hanna (3-6) (2-4)
Harlingen South (4-5) (1-5)
Brownsville Rivera (1-8) (0-6)

Mike Says:   Harlingen as been the big dog in the valley for a while.   San Benito wants to take over as alpha dog (see what I did there...San Benito Greyhounds.....get it?)    San Benito wins 36-30.

Chris Says: San Benito has been kicking butt and taking names all season.  What is most interesting to me about their run is that for the first time in recent memory "other" media outlets are finally paying attention to a Valley school.  Normally, we are the only ones that even pay attention to what is going on down there.  This San Benito team is solid and although Harlingen fields a pretty darn strong squad, it won't be enough to stop the Greyhounds from getting their first 10-0 season since 2004.

​​Del Rio (8-1)Chris20wredMike20w  at Eagle Pass (4-5)

This will be the 96th meeting between Del Rio and Eagle Pass.  Del Rio has been dominant recently and leads the series 69-21-5 in a game that has been played from 1920 - present. Del Rio wins the district title with a win.   Eagle Pass is out of the playoffs.

District 29-6A W-L District
Del Rio (8-1) (5-1)
Laredo United South (7-2) (5-1)
Laredo United (6-3) (4-2)
San Antonio Southwest (6-3) (4-2)
Laredo Alexander (3-6) (3-3)
Eagle Pass (4-5) (2-4)
Laredo Johnson (1-8) (1-5)
South San Antonio (0-9) (0-6)

Mike Says:    This years Border Bowl will be played "only" pride this years as both of them have their playoff hopes have already been decided.    Del Rio is on their way to their first undefeated regular season since 1993.   Del Rio wins 34-17

Chris Says: This is one of those games where the outcome won't change a whole lot.  Del Rio is guaranteed a playoff spot and Eagle Pass cannot make it in.  Before you think that either team will take the night off, think again.  There is a lot of pride and school spirit on the line this week.  Del Rio will get the win by 10.

Odessa (0-9) at Midland (7-2)Chris20wredMike20w

Odessa leads this series 50-43 all-time

Midland is in the playoffs while Odessa has had a disappointing season.

District 2-6A W-L District
San Angelo Central (9-0) (5-0)
Midland (7-2) (4-1)
Amarillo Tascosa (6-3) (3-2)
Wolfforth Frenship (5-5) (3-3)
Midland Lee (3-6) (2-3)
Odessa Permian (5-4) (1-4)
Odessa (0-9) (0-5)

Mike Says:    Midland is having a great season while Odessa is struggling.  Odessa could get a big boost that would help their momentum going into next year with a win in this rivalry.   It will not happen though.   Midland wins 48-17.

Chris Says: To maintain their #2 seed, Midland needs to get this win so don't look for them to take it easy.  If they get a big lead, expect the backups to see some action, but this is Odessa's last chance to erase the 0 in the W column so they will give a great effort as well. Midland gets the win at home by 25.

Nederland (4-5) at Port Neches-Groves (8-1)Chris20wredMike20w 

Port Neches-Groves leads this series 48-37-7 all-time.   Officially known as Mid-County Madness, in 2014 the game was for the inaugural Bum Phillips trophy. Phillips coached at both Nederland and PN-G.   It was at PN-G where he coached his son  future NFL head coach Wade Phillips.

Port Neches-Groves is in the playoffs.  Nederland is in with a win but could (very likely if they lose) end up in a 3 way tie for that 4th playoff spot with a loss.

District 22-5A W-L District
Port Arthur Memorial (8-0) (7-0)
Port Neches-Groves (8-1) (6-1)
Vidor (7-2) (6-1)
Nederland (4-5) (4-3)
Beaumont Central (4-5) (3-4)
Livingston (4-5) (3-4)
Lumberton (3-6) (2-6)
Beaumont Ozen (1-8) (1-6)
Baytown Lee (1-8) (0-7)

Mike Says:    This is a great game to see.  This game will be very important for Nederland to win if they want to make the playoffs.   Port Neches-Groves would like nothing more than to knock their rival out.    Port Neches-Groves wins it 30-21.

Chris Says: This has to be one of the best rivalry games in all of Texas high school football.  It certainly has gotten more press than many of them.  Nederland desperately needs a win to ensure they stay in the playoff picture and PN-G is fighting to keep their seeding.  But none of that matter when Mid-County Madness begins!  This game has nothing to do with records, playoffs, or anything else but braggin' rights.  Nederland has won the last six games in a row despite being the underdog in several of those battles.  I think they keep it close (as most every game in the series is) but Port Neches-Groves pulls it out at home by 3 to snap the streak.

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