Lone Star Gridiron

Playoff Teams Going Into Week #10 — 1A

Here is a list of teams that have already qualifed for the playoffs going into week #10.

NOTE: This is not official....we only looked at head to head tie breakers and not 3 or more way ties.

1-1A : Canadian and Stratford are in....Sunray is in with a win over 1-8 Booker
3-1A : Nazareth, Bovina and White Deer are all in. Bovina will be Division I
4-1A : Wellington, Wheeler and Clarendon are all in. Wellington will be Division I
5-1A : Springlake-Earth and Farwell are in. The winner of the Sudan/Smyer game will be the 3rd team.
6-1A : New Deal and Olton are in. The winner of the Hale Center/Lockney game will be the 3rd team.
7-1A : Plains and Seagraves are in. The winner of the Stanton/Sundown game will be the 3rd team.
8-1A : Iraan and Van Horn are in. McCamey (1-2) plays Wink (0-3) while Marfa (1-2) plays Iraan. McCamey holds the tie-breaker over Marfa. Marfa holds the tie-breaker over Wink.

9-1A : Munday and Seymour are in. Windthorst (2-2) plays Seymour and Petrolia (2-2) plays Munday. Archer City (1-3) also has a chance and will play Electra (0-4). Windthorst holds the tie-breaker over Archer City. Petrolia holds the tie-breaker over Windthorst. Archer City holds the tie-breaker over Petrolia.
11-1A : Hamlin, Roscoe and Haskell are all in. Haskell will be Division I
12-1A : Albany, Bronte and Winters are all in. Winters will be Division I
13-1A : Lindsay is in. Muenster (2-1) will play Era (1-2) and Collinsville (2-1) will play Lindsay. Muenster holds the tie-breaker over Collinsville. Collinsville holds the tie-breaker over Era.
14-1A : Quinlan Boles and Wolfe City are in. Cumby (2-2) is in with a win over Celeste (1-3). Dallas Gateway Charter (1-3) plays Fruitvale (0-4). Cumby holds the tie-breaker over Dallas Gateway Charter. Dallas Gateway Charter holds the tie-breaker over Celeste.
15-1A : Tolar and DeLeon are in. The winner of the Perrin-Whitt/Santo game will be the 3rd team. DeLeon will be Division I

17-1A : Maud and Hawkins are in. The winner of the Simms Bowie/Detroit game will be the 3rd team. Hawkins will be Division I
19-1A : Tenaha and Joaquin are in. Mount Enterprise (3-2) is in with a win over Beckville (2-3). West Sabine (3-2) plays Joaquin. Mount Enterprise holds the tie-breaker over West Sabine. West Sabine holds the tie-breaker over Beckville.
20-1A : Cayuga and Alto are in. Price Carlisle (3-2) is in with a win over Cushing (1-4). Grapeland (3-2) plays Cayuga. Price Carlisle holds the tie-breaker over Grapeland.
21-1A : Dawson and Italy are in. Wortham (3-2) is in with a win over Hubbard (2-3). Itasca (3-2) plays Italy. Wortham holds the tie-breaker over Itasca. Itasca holds the tie-breaker over Hubbard.
22-1A : Lovelady, Riesel and Mart are all in. Riesel will be Division I
23-1A : Evadale, Colmesneil and Hull-Daisetta are all in. Colmesneil will be Division I.

25-1A : Goldthwaite and Chilton are in. Bosqueville (1-2) is in with a win over Valley Mills (0-3). Meridian (1-2) plays Goldthwaite. Bosqueville holds the tie-breaker over Meridian. Meridian holds the tie-breaker over Valley Mills.
26-1A : Thorndale and Bartlett are in. The winner of the Milano/Thrall game will be the 3rd team.
27-1A : Shiner and Burton are in. Louise (2-2) is in with a win over Somerville (1-3). Ganado (2-2) plays Flatonia (0-4). Louise holds the tie-breaker over Ganado. Ganado holds the tie-breaker over Somerville.
29-1A : Mason and Junction are in. Eldorado (3-2) is in with a win over Rocksprings (2-3). Menard (3-2) plays Junction. Eldorado holds the tie-breaker over Menard. Menard holds the tie-breaker over Rocksprings.
30-1A : La Pryor and D'Hanis are in. The winner of the Sabinal/Brackettville Brackett game will be the 3rd team.
31-1A : Woodsboro, Falls City and Yorktown are all in. Yorktown will be Division I.
32-1A : Ben Bolt and Bruni are in. La Villa (3-2) is in with a win over Benavides (2-3). A La Villa loss will create a 3-way tie for that 3rd playoff spot with Benavides and Agua Dulce.

What are your thoughts?