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2-5A: Midland & Odessa Schools Are All In The Playoffs

Key Games This Week
Odessa Permian (9-0) (8-0) @ Midland (7-2) (7-1)
Midland Lee (6-3) (6-2) @ Odessa (8-1) (7-1)

Permian can with the District Title with a win over Midland

The 4 teams playing in the games of the week are all in the playoffs

The Odessa schools will be Division I

The Midland schools will be Division II

What does Mike want to see -- of course a 3-way tie for the championship
If Midland beats Permian and Odessa beats Lee then there will be a 3-way
tie for 1st and each time has a win and a lost vs. the other 2

2-5A Standings
Odessa Permian                (9-0) (8-0)
Odessa                              (8-1) (7-1)
Midland                             (7-2) (7-1)
Midland Lee                      (6-3) (6-2)
Lubbock Coronado           (5-4) (4-4)
Lubbock Monterey           (4-5) (3-5)
Amarillo                           (4-5) (3-5)
Amarillo Tascosa             (2-7) (1-7)
Lubbock                          (1-8) (1-7)
San Angelo Central         (0-9) (0-8)

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