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2011 5-5A All-District Teams

Co- MVP -- LaQuvionte Gonzales, Cedar Hill; Chuck Taylor, Timberview;

Offensive Player of the Year -- Devante Lacy, Grand Prairie; Deandre Grimes, Duncanville; Jerod Evans, Mansfield;

Defensive Player of the Year -- David Harris, Cedar Hill; Chad Whitener; Mansfield; Michael Adefolarin, Timberview;

Offensive Sophomore of the Year -- Kijana Amous, Legacy;

Co-Defensive Sophomore of the Year -- J.T. Ibe, Mansfield; Brandon Simmons, Timberview;

Staff of the Year -- Mansfield Timberview





Quarterback -- Damion Hobbs, Jr., Cedar Hill;

Running back -- Kenneth Burks, Jr., Mansfield; Josh Smith, Jr., Timberview; Jaquan Cole, Jr., Duncanville; Jared Rayford, Jr., Cedar Hill;

Fullback -- Bryan Shanklin, Jr., Mansfield;

Tight end -- Nick Lewis, Sr., Timberview; Anthony Johnson, Sr., Trent Gow, Jr., Mansfield;

Guard -- Frank Kee, Sr., Timberview; Aderius Epps, Sr., Cedar Hill; Logan Bennett, Sr., Mansfield;

Center -- Gerry Gallimore, Sr., Duncanville; Austin Davis, Jr., Mansfield;

Tackle -- Adam Butler, Sr., Duncanville; Zach Crabtree, Jr., Mansfield;

Receiver -- Rickey Gross, Sr., Timberview; Jeff Thomas, Sr., Duncanville; Ardarius Singleton, Sr., Grand Prairie; Gary Davis, Sr., Mansfield; Andre Anderson, Sr., Terry Cooper, Sr., Duncanville; Louis Dailey, Jr., South Grand Prairie; Brendan Cornell, So., Midlothian;

Kicker -- Nick Cannon, Jr., Timberview; Hector Sifuentes, Sr., Duncanville.

Utility -- DaCarlos Humphrey, Sr., Legacy; Jaylen Fails, So., Grand Prairie; Del Washington, Jr., Duncanville




Safety -- Dashune Barlow, Sr., Cedar Hill; George Baltimore, Jr., Mansfield; Trevor Walker, Jr., Timberview; Corday Love, Jr., Duncanville;

Corner -- Ed Paris, So., Timberview; McQuintin Grant, Sr., South Grand Prairie; Brandon Stewart, Sr., Cedar Hill; Malcolm McKenney, Sr.,Duncanville;

Linebacker -- Ryan Leroy, Jr., Mansfield; Everett Williams, So., Legacy; Sheldon Gatewood, Sr., Timberview; Steven Taylor, Sr., Cedar Hill; Vanoy Harris, Sr., Timberview;

End -- Moufadhil Adebo, Sr., Mansfield; Rene Lawson, Sr., Timberview; Cameron Bennett, Sr., Cedar Hill; Ghafona Iduwe, Sr., Duncanville;

Tackle -- Darius Stubblefield, Sr., Cedar Hill; Jeremy Miller, Sr., Timberview; Jordan Tolliver, Jr., Duncanville; Hunter Graham, Sr., Mansfield;

Punter -- Alex Rostro, Sr., George Baltimore, Jr., George Baltimore, Mansfield





Quarterback -- Jared Johnson, Sr., South Grand Prairie; Brandon Fichter, Jr., Grand Prairie;

Running back -- Justin Seeton, Jr., Midlothian;

Fullback -- Chris Roberts, Sr., Cedar Hill; Christian Flewellen, Sr., Duncanville;

Tight end -- Travis Wilson, Jr., Cedar Hill; Joel Gullett, Sr., Duncanville;

Guard -- Myron Hanson, Sr., Midlothian; Darius Thompson, Sr., South Grand Prairie; Lugman Adeniyi, Sr., Mansfield; Aaren Evans, Sr., Duncanville;

Center -- James Barrett, Sr., South Grand Prairie;

Tackle -- Sam Jenkins, Sr., Duncanville; Will Mixon, Jr., Cedar Hill; Armani Smith, Jr., Timberview;

Receiver -- Andrew Ritter, Sr., Legacy; Connor Smith, Sr., Legacy; Lucas Anderson, Sr., Midlothian; Tomorris Hamilton, Sr., South Grand Prairie; Jalen Gentry, Sr., Cedar Hill; Bryan Ajumobi, Jr., South Grand Prairie; Brandon Harris, Jr., Cedar Hill; Marchie Murdock, Jr., Legacy;

Kicker -- Ryan Sparkman, Sr., Cedar Hill; Johnny Armijo, Jr., South Grand Prairie; Trevor Stutsman, Jr., Mansfield






Safety -- Bryce Fausett, Jr., Midlothian; J.C. Franklin, Sr., Cedar Hill; Dustin Seeton, Jr., Midlothian; Kiedric Berry, Sr., Cedar Hill; Cameron Corsey, Jr., South Grand Prairie;

Corner -- Demundre Freeman, Sr., Cedar Hill; Marcus Hunter, Sr., Grand Prairie; Trevor Wilson, Jr., Mansfield; Gary Lewis, Sr., Duncanville; Chris Conley, Sr., Legacy;

Linebacker -- Jordan Price-Claire, Sr., Mansfield; Mason Quinn, Fr., Midlothian; Keenan Blair, Jr., Duncanville; Dustin Martin, Jr., Midlothian; Kenneth O'Neal, Jr., South Grand Prairie; Montreal Jett, Sr., Legacy; Taylor Perez, Sr., Timberview;

End -- Hassan Ridgeway, Sr., Mansfield; Josh Esukpa, Sr., Timberview; Corey Smith, Sr., Cedar Hill; Fred smith, Jr., Duncanville;

Tackle -- Stratford Washington, Sr., Cedar Hill; Cornelius Henderson, Jr., Duncanville; Marcel McDowell, Sr., Legacy;

Punter -- Jeremy Hamilton, Sr., Legacy; Carlos Euceda, Sr., Timberview

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