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Stats Leaders After Regionals

Texas High School Football Stat Leaders 2016 Bi-District

As you know, Lone Star Gridiron rules the roost when it comes to keeping track of the top performers across the state.  Currently, we list 20+ of the leading passers, rushers and receivers in the state.  This list will grow each week and their totals will grow until we crown the season leaders in passing, rushing and receiving yardage!

Levelland's Nick Gerber stayed at the top of the passing leaders chart. His team is still in the playoffs and he has a 1,087 yard lead over Gilmer's Aaron Brown who is the next passer who has a team left in. Brown is 4th overall. Robinson's Chase Allison is still in 2nd place while Odem's Michael Everett is in 3rd place. We have 38 passers listed with #38 having 3,069 yards. There are 5 passers over the 4,000 yard mark.

Silsbee's Calvin Tyler took over the rushing lead. Mansfield's Kennedy Brooks moved up to 2nd place moving El Paso Parkland running back Sophomore Deion Hankins down to 3rd place. The next person on the list who is still playing is Cypress Ridge's Trelon Smith who is in 8th place. We have 56 runners listed with #56 having 1,689 yards. There are 4 runners that have passed the 2,500 yard barrier.

Robinson's Braxton Ashcraft remained the receiving leader and Beeville Jones's Waydale Jones stayed in 2nd place. Richmond Foster's Ceedee Lamb still has his team in the playoffs and is in 4th place right now. We have 56 receivers listed with #56 having 1,096 yards. There are 5 receivers that are over the 1,600 yard mark.

Current 2016 Stat Leaders
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